Actively Seeking Followers

I have been given a homework assignment by a literary agent; and like all good homework assignments, it’s easy to dispense but challenging to execute.  However, when you believe as fervently as I do that you have a message worth sharing and your desire is to publish so that you can share that message with as many people as possible, motivation you never knew you had kicks in. 

My task is to beef up my followers–simple as that–turning the number of followers I have on my blog from something I really don’t know to an actual number–a number that needs to hover in the thousands. 

So, I have a favor to ask: If you are here reading and wouldn’t mind subscribing, I would truly appreciate it.  To subscribe to the blog, look to the right and type in your email address in the white bar where it says “Sign me up.” 

And, if you’re on Facebook, please “Like” the page “My Three Sons.”  You’ll see the Facebook “Like” button on the right, too.


And, as always, please leave your comments on the blog and on the page.  I value and need your feedback and insights! 

Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Actively Seeking Followers

  1. My daughter is 26. I am moved, still, with stories that go beyond the raising of three boys to the stories that relate to all of us….

  2. My three adorable nephews, how very proud I am to be your aunt. I wish I were there to share in your growing up. Please know, that each of you has a very special place in my heart. hugs and kisses aunt rita

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