Heart Strings

When Don and I met in 1985 he was in a band.  But sometime after 1988, with the exception of post-secondary graduation requirements for his degrees in music, he opted not to take the stage.  He has always played–and even recorded–but as far as performing live before an audience . . . not his gig. 

Until now . . .

It took a budding six-year-old violinist and his wonderful teacher to coax this incredibly talented guitarist back to playing in public.

They played “Shortnin’ Bread” and did a little fist bump at the end.  And all I could think about is the profound effect and influence our children have on us.  All my begging over the last twenty-plus years to share his musical gift with the world have not yielded any appreciable results.  But Oscar simply asking his father to be his accompanist at his recital . . . that’s what did it. 

Well-done, Oscar–and welcome back, Donald Farias.  You’re both exactly where you’re supposed to be.


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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