Three Steps

Yesterday Oscar did something wrong.  The details aren’t important, and I’m sure Oscar would prefer that I not memorialize his transgression in this space.  But suffice it to say, it was something . . .

So we had a talk–as we often do; and while I had hoped my words would stick (and would have been content if even just a few of them had), I wasn’t prepared for what happened this afternoon. Oscar informed me that when you do something wrong, there are three steps you should follow.  Then he enumerated them and asked me to write them down so we can all refer to them “when we do something wrong because everyone makes mistakes.”

So, here they are . . . my words reinterpreted and rephrased by a six-year-old:

1.  Admit you made a mistake and say “sorry.”  Don’t make up stories or blame someone else.

2.  Ask if there is anything you can do to help make things better.

3.  Accept your consequences with dignity.

I have to admit that my presentation was not even remotely this succinct or organized, but the fact that he heard and retained every word is slightly overwhelming.  And while I know this probably will not always be the case, of all the lessons I could have imparted and had him retain, I think I’m pretty grateful that it was this one. 

Oscar, you continually reinforce the honor it is to be your mother.


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