Which Came First–the Chicken, the Egg, or the Peanut Butter?

Well, actually, it was the chicken–about two weeks ago at the Mystic Aquarium cafe, when Oscar, completely unprompted and without warning, consumed for the first time since he was a baby a bite of chicken.  For those who know Oscar, this was very big news.  And for those who do not, well, let’s just say that through some miracle of physiology and luck he has been able to subsist for the last six years on cheese, Cheez-Its, waffles, and milk.  (I exaggerate, of course, but barely.)

So, imagine our surprise this weekend when he asked for an egg and cheese sandwich . . . asked for it and ate it.  An entire egg.  I tried to refrain from doing any sort of cartwheel lest I hurt myself, but inside I was giddy.

And then yesterday . . . “Can I try some peanut butter?”

I was about to burst . . . I said to Oscar, “I am so happy you’re trying–and liking–all these new foods.  What changed your mind about trying them?”

His reply, in perfect Oscar-fashion: “Well, obviously I am growing, and my body craves protein.” 

Obviously. . . and thankfully.

Will Oscar be asking for broccoli and salad anytime soon?  We’ll have to see.  But I am more hopeful today than I ever have been and more convinced that allowing our children to find their own groove where food is concerned is the right approach for our family.


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