Just Curious

Hi there!

Today WordPress let me know that since this blog’s inception     nearly three years ago, it has had over 25,000 “hits”–a bit of a milestone.  The one thing WordPress can’t tell me is who’s reading.

So here I am–curious and not a little nosey–wondering who it is who is checking in. 

I think in the world of blogs, they call this a “roll call.”  Would you mind commenting on the blog and letting me know who you are, how often you check in, and, if you’re inclined, why you check in?  Are you a family member or friend?  Fellow adoptive parent?  Have we ever met? 

I write for my sons, but I am also aware that I am writing for others–some of whom I know, and some I don’t.  As a writer, this is interesting territory, and one I am only beginning to learn to negotiate. 

So, if you have a moment, say “hi” through the blog’s commenting feature and let me (and the boys) know who you are!

Thanks so much,



21 thoughts on “Just Curious

  1. i read it (not every day). this is how i get to know my cousin, his wife and children. you are so committed to your family. i think that you are a shining example for other mothers to follow

  2. I started reading from the beginning until I got caught up, then I read each new post and from time to time will go back and revist a month just to see the changes in the boys.

  3. I read it whenever I see a new post because I love seeing what the boys are up to! Also, I’m constantly waiting for the entry starring me (just kidding)!

  4. I am a fellow (new) adoptive mom of a 6 month old baby boy!! I found your blog through adoptive families about 2 weeks ago. I really enjoy reading about someone else’s experience raising sons. I subscribed to your blog..so I check once I receive an email that you have updated. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Ever since you started your blog I have been reading it. I used to check Erin’s blog and your blog everyday but now I wait until you guys post it on FB and then I read it!! I enjoy reading your blog especially now that I don’t see you everyday it keeps me in your family loop and I love it!

  6. Hi, I’m an adult adoptee and a new adoptive mama to a 9 month old baby girl (domestic private adoption). I have you added to my reader, but can’t remember how I found you originally. 🙂

  7. I am a wife, mother and second grade teacher in MN. I’m not sure how I first found your blog but I’ve been checking in on you about three times a week. I enjoy your stories about motherhood.

  8. Hi Sam. Former student of course, and a new parent of a 14-month old girl. I use Google Reader to find out when you have an update. Thanks!

  9. Hi, I too am a former student. I started reading your blog in the last year. I usually read the blog when I see it on Facebook. I do enjoy the entries. Your boys all rock.

  10. I found you through Adoptive Families. I’m waiting for a referral (domestic newborn) and your blog makes the wait easier!

  11. thanks so much for your wonderful musings. I’m a single woman waiting to adopt through the foster care system after I get through all the fun paperwork, etc. Your blogs remind me why I’m willing to wait… 😉

  12. Hi! I came over when Adoptive Families shared their list of top blogs. I used to blog at AdoptionBlogs.com, but now just blog at my own place, chittisterchildren.wordpress.com. Thanks for sharing!

  13. HI 🙂 I check in a couple times a week- I have a special interest in one little man-AUGUST. He holds a special place in my heart.

  14. Hi Samantha,
    When: I read your blog when you add a link/post to facebook.
    Why: Because you have short posts, long thoughtful posts, funny posts and you are a good writer. Also I like to read what you write and be supportive of other blog writers like me 🙂

  15. I think we found each other through Adoptive Families magazine. I haven’t been checking blogs that much these past two months, getting ready for our adoption trip (next! week!), nor have I been blogging regularly, although I’m stepping it up now that I’m *mostly* packed and ready to go, but I do pop in here when I can.

  16. I just stumbled upon your blog today. My husband and I very recently learned we won’t be able to have children “of our own” and I am trying to learn as much as I can about adoption before we start down that path.

    If that’s the route we take, I hope we have as much success as you have. Your family is beautiful.

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