Positive Gets Positive

When Oscar came home from preschool at age four and said to me, “Mom, you know, ‘Positive gets positive’ and ‘negative gets negative,'” I had a feeling his incredibly wise teachers had been imparting to their young charges the important lessons regarding the power of attraction: Be the positive change you wish to see, and surround yourself with positive people who wish only the best for you, and that is precisely what you will attract. 

There is nothing good that has happened in my life that cannot be traced directly to the supportive, positive, and caring network of friends and family I am lucky enough to have.

So, when Adoptive Families named this blog one of the best, I turned immediately to the three young men without whom these stories would not even exist, the husband who supports everything I do at every turn, and the friends and family who have stood by, listened to me, and have been positive forces in our lives. 

Thank you for inspiring me to write these stories, and thank you so much for reading.  I do what I do for you, and I can do what I do only because of you.


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