When your child has a referral to and appointment at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, a number of conflicting and unrelenting feelings move through and wash over you: worry and apprehension to be sure but also relief at perhaps finally knowing, finally having an explanation for what has been plaguing your child–and of course hope at the potential for a solution. 

This week we will begin our journey at Hasbro as we endeavor to understand what may (and may not) be the cause of a battery of symptoms that have us and Edgar’s pediatrician concerned.  Preliminary paperwork has been filled out, and from that alone we are getting the sense that Hasbro’s reputation for being thorough is well-earned. 

The opening page on their website reads, “On behalf of the entire pediatric gastroenterology, nutrition and liver department, we feel privileged to care for your child.”  To know that in this professional setting Edgar will be treated with the care and respect he so justly deserves gives me comfort–because if you think it’s a privilege, as a physician, to care for Edgar, imagine the privilege I feel being his mother. 


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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