You’re Unbelievable!

When we learned this weekend that Blue Man Group was scheduled to come to the Providence Performing Arts Center in March, it took Don all of two seconds to hop on his computer and order up two fabulous seats–one for him and one for Edgar.  We knew it would be precisely up Edgar’s alley, and our instincts were spot-on.  One poorly streamed YouTube video was all Edgar needed to see to decree that he intended not only to see Blue Man Group but to become one of them.

As we watched the video, I uttered, “They’re really unbelievable.” 

He asked, “What is ‘unbelievable’?”

I responded, “Amazing!”

And he remarked, his voice soft and full of wonder, “I want to be ‘unbelievable,’ too!”

After a trip to two stores, at your request, to get blue face paint and a Blue Man Group DVD, a hunt through the house for the perfect black turtleneck, and your ability to fashion two red “drumsticks” out of materials already available to you, I would argue, Edgar, that you already are!


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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