Champion of the Underdog

A trip to Edaville Railroad at Christmastime virtually guarantees a magical experience, but what happened last night had less to do with trains and more to do with gleaning a small glimpse at Edgar’s huge heart.  As we moved through the line in the cafeteria, we spied some fine-looking gingerbread men cookies.  Since we were already spending roughly $30 for a couple of cold single-serving pizzas and a hot dog, throwing in a couple of cookies seemed within the bounds of our new concept of reasonable.  Oscar grabbed his choice and put it on the tray, and Edgar did the same.  As we neared the cashier, I noticed that the cookie Edgar had chosen had a broken leg.  I pointed this out to him and asked him if he wanted to choose another one.  He said, within earshot of the cashier, “I picked that one with the broken leg because no one else would, and that one needs love.”  The cashier heard him, touched her hand to her heart, and then did what any reasonable person would do after being knocked over by such a perfect sentiment: She offered him a candy cane.  (Then, because she is wise, she offered Oscar one, too.)  She looked at Edgar and said, “This is for being such a sweet boy!”  Edgar beamed as he made his way to the table.

Edgar has always been in love with people and animals and the world we live in.  But it is lately that I have discerned a true longing to reach out to those he deems most in need.  It started right after Halloween when I attempted to put away the decorations and he grabbed the Frankenstein’s monster we usually hang on the door.  He declared this monster his “baby” and he now sleeps with it regularly.  When I asked him why he chose Frankenstein’s monster as his “baby,” he simply said, “Because he needs a daddy.”

And there you have it . . . future defense attorney?  Quite possibly.  But undoubtedly a soul who is destined to make this world a more gentle, accepting place.


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