One Year Ago Today

The four of us woke up at our usual time on 25 August 2009.  And though there was nothing usual about this day, everything seemed so simple, so familiar, so effortless–a run of the dishwasher to ready a dozen brand-new bottles, a trip to BJs to pick up a couple of very large canisters of Enfamil formula, a last check of the car seat, the cradle, the pack-and-play, your wardrobe and toys, diapers and wipes, the drive to Providence, to our adoption agency, the one we had made dozens of times–to attend trainings and classes and support groups, to meet Oscar’s birth mother, to sign very important papers, to visit with Edgar and the family who cared for him prior to his coming home, to meet and visit with Edgar’s biological sister and her family, to meet your birth mother and her grandmother, to meet you (and Laurie, who cared for you for the first weeks of your life) for the first time, to introduce you to our good friends.

Your homecoming was merely a dream for nearly two-and-a-half years; but in the early afternoon one year ago today, it came true, a moment of beauty enveloped by love and hope.

So much has changed for you in the first year of your life, but one thing has not–the effortlessness with which you joined your family.  It was as though you had always been here from the moment you arrived.

August, you have the honor of having completed your family.  We love you, sweet baby!


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