The Emergence of a Six-Year-Old

We’ve seen it coming for a while now . . . things that once thrilled you as a preschooler and Kindergartener are being dismissed.  New interests are emerging.  Requests for “independence” and “privacy” are ever-present.   And then there’s that pesky (but oh-so-necessary) testing, testing, testing.

You’re growing up, Oscar–transitioning from a little boy to just a “boy.”  Except there’s no such thing as just a boy.

You are a marvel of intelligence and curiosity.  Your wit belies your years.  You love your family and your friends and miss both terribly when you are not with them.

You are sensitive and want to be the best at everything.  You are discovering–at times painfully–that part of growing up is learning that you don’t have to be the best but that you have to try your best.

You love LEGO and Star Wars and Cheez-Its and chocolate milk.

You’d much rather sit and talk than run.  You have a mind for detail and a flawless memory.

You are cautious and careful and attentive and wise.   You are an old soul who has touched mine.

And sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky that I get to be your mom.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful boy!  Welcome to the second third of your childhood!


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