Whimsy Still Has a Home

Edgar and I had a date this morning for an 11:30 AM photo shoot at Kiddie Kandids, the portrait studio located inside Babies ‘R’ Us.  We have been doing a birthday photo there every year since the first, deciding to logically conclude these sessions at the boys’ fifth birthdays–just in time for school pictures.

So, today was Edgar’s final sitting at Kiddie Kandids.  I watched him pose, sit on the “5” block, and look like the five-year-old he is rapidly becoming; and as the session ended, I thought, “First Oscar, and now Edgar.  This is all just going way too fast.”

Just then, though, as I was thinking all these profound thoughts about time marching on and children growing and maturing, Edgar picked up his Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster, Jilly, and proceeded to chase her around the studio floor, stopping only to pick her up, kiss her, and tell her she was the cutest hamster he had ever seen.

Thank you, Edgar, for stopping time for me today and for still being young, whimsical, impetuous, and sweet.  You have my permission to stay that way for a bit longer, if you don’t mind.


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