Where Have I Been?

When I look at the very small number of blog entries I’ve written over the last two months or so, I realize that I probably should offer some sort of explanation–if not to our friends and family then to Oscar, Edgar, and August, who, I hope, will one day read these entries and notice that I sort of disappeared for a bit.

Pretty much every spare second of the last seven weeks I have been working–a second job, if you will–maybe even a third if you count taking care of a family as a job along with teaching from September through June.  A very kind person recommended me sometime in May to help with a writing project that needed an AP English teacher (thank you, Kellie); and since then, virtually every night after the boys are in bed, I have been sitting at my computer typing away, endeavoring to deserve the kind accolades that prompted the recommendation in the first place.

It’s been an interesting experience: I now have a taste of what it must be like to work from home full time.  I’ve learned that you can really get to like people just by corresponding with them through email and the occasional telephone call.  And, everyone sit down now . . . I’ve learned a little something about Microsoft Excel and editing features on Microsoft Word.

And during these seven weeks I have also been able to “squeeze” in family cookouts, a preschool and Kindergarten graduation, a fundraiser for our local animal shelter, a party honoring 20 years of teaching, several kids’ birthday parties, August’s first birthday celebration, Father’s Day, doctors’ appointments, dinners out with friends, a vacation to NYC, Connecticut, and Maine, a few evening picnics on the beach, laundry, and oh yes, a trip to the emergency room.

The one thing that did suffer, if that’s even the right word, is this blog.  There were simply not enough hours in the day to do what needed to be done for my family, at school, and on this project and write here as well.  Plus, most nights my eyes had a fabulous gray film over them from looking at the computer for so long that any writing I might have attempted would have been a little less than what I would have wanted.

But that’s okay . . . I’m not complaining–just acknowledging that I can’t do it all.  Occasionally I have to take time from one area to make time for another.  The non-negotiables are obvious.  But what can wait (and did) is this blog.

Every penny I earned working these last seven weeks is for my children’s educations; and the fact that I did not have to take time away from them to earn it is remarkable.  Thank you, Kristina and Sigrid, for helping me to juggle as much as I possibly could and for understanding those moments when I couldn’t.  And thank you, Oscar, Edgar, and August, for inspiring me to do more for you than I ever possibly could have imagined.


2 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. What a wonderful MOM you are. It can be seen in the faces of these three happy, healthy young men. Stay as you are and enjoy the rest of the summer. (((HUGS)))

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