A Sunflower Among Us

On Monday, 14 June 2010, Edgar graduated from Shining Star Preschool.  It was admittedly a year of transition for him in so many ways–starting at one preschool, moving to another, then to his final destination at Shining Star.   He also lost his place in the hierarchy of his family–no longer the baby after four years of having been so.   And though some are occasionally and alternately befuddled and fascinated by Edgar’s ways of interacting with the world, and some have questioned his maturity (at four years old) at various junctures, Edgar has persevered.  And he has grown.

When I went shopping for his graduation party decorations, I started in the florist with the requisite and beloved bunch of balloons but found myself drawn after a quick glance to a vase of sunflowers.  Without thought, I put a bouquet into my cart and kept shopping.

I brought them home and set them up, then noticed a paper Oscar had done at school, one I had hung up because it showcased his burgeoning printing skills:

And then it dawned on me:  Like a sunflower, Edgar is indeed “beautiful,” “awesome,” “cool,” and “yellow.”  But  more than that, he has had to grow quickly–adjusting to various settings both inside and outside his home.  And like a sunflower, he is striking, a force in the garden of life.  He catches people’s eyes and forces them to linger.

In September Edgar will face yet another transition: Kindergarten.  But until then, we are going to slow down, take in and honor the changes in this beautiful boy, linger . . .

Happy Graduation Day, Edgar!  You are a gift to this world and my sunshine!


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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