Happy Anniversary to The Blog

The first post was entered on 4 June 2008, so tomorrow marks two years.

And 307 posts and over 15,000 “hits” later, we are still going strong.

The name has changed from “Adventures with Oscar and Edgar” to “My Three Sons”; and, in fact, the busiest day for this blog was 26 August 2009–the day after August came home.

It remains a labor of love–a gift from me to my children, a record of their childhood and my approach to parenting; and just as I hope they will look back on their childhood with mostly fond memories, I hope that they will enjoy reading and reminiscing–and not suffer exorbitant embarrassment at my sharing their stories.

Sometimes I think about how this blog will change–in form and content–as the boys grow and become increasingly aware of its existence.  I will always try to approach this endeavor with the utmost respect for my children and not share anything I think would make them uncomfortable.  But my perspective may not always mirror theirs.

Oscar was almost four, Edgar almost three, and August not even yet born when this blog began.  I can never anticipate what the next post will be, but with these three I can be assured of never running out of material.  They are loved and worth writing about.  And I hope that will come through to them when all that’s left of these days of early childhood are mere memories–and this blog–to remind us.


One thought on “Happy Anniversary to The Blog

  1. Samantha, this is the greatest gift you can give them. They will thank you one day. I have journals for each of my three kids that I wrote in most every day from pregnancy until age 5. Priceless…

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