Rock Beats Scissors, and Blog Beats Facebook

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a fan of Facebook.

I joined over a year ago after having dinner with a friend, who proclaimed that if I were interested in seeing photos of her beautiful then-year-old daughter, I’d have to join because that’s where the photos were.

So, I joined–and I am truly happy I did.  I have reconnected with childhood friends, former students, and classmates–not to mention my father, sisters, and brother.

But as much as I enjoy what Facebook has to offer, I have noticed something else, something less than desirable: Events that a year ago I would have written about here in this blog, events I felt worthy of preserving for my children, have become mere “status updates” on Facebook–quick and efficient, yes, but also impermanent, never to be seen again after a click of the “Remove” button.

There should be posts here about Oscar’s Adoption Day anniversary, my most recent parent/teacher conference with his kindergarten teacher, and his surgery.  There should be photos here from the boys’ Art Gallery Night, the incredible birthday party they attended last weekend, Don’s birthday, Edgar’s first round of horseback-riding for the season, and our pilgrimage to Frosty Freez.  And there should be tons of photos of August and his countless milestones–crawling, scooting, waving, and getting into all sorts of trouble.

I have never viewed this blog as a chore; the word “should” has never been attached to it.  It has been and is a true joy to create.  Nevertheless, I think it might be time to pause and be sure that the method I choose to document the ordinary and extraordinary is commensurate to the event itself.

And while status updates regarding what I am up to might be fine, I think I want to offer my children more.  These moments are far too fleeting.

And it is this blog–and not Facebook–that offers the best shot at preserving them.


One thought on “Rock Beats Scissors, and Blog Beats Facebook

  1. what an interesting reflection.

    i too love facebook and have recently joined twitter (and found to my surpries that i really love it there too).

    lots of good stuff to think about here. thanks.


    ps ~ sorry we missed you guys last week. things just got a little too crazy. soon though, we’d love to reconnect!

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