Crossing the Threshold


Tonight all of August’s dreams came true when I let him go into what was once known as “Oscar and Edgar’s Playroom.”

Ever since he has been able to move his body from Point A to Point B, August has had designs on his big brothers’ playroom.  I could point him in one direction; and, invariably, he would pivot himself around and make his way to the place where all small choking hazards reside–Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, LEGO.  It’s as though this room has been a destination–a goal–since the moment he came home.

And now he’s in–happily emptying bins, poking around where he shouldn’t be, and generally having the time of his life.

Oscar instituted the “No Throwing Things” rule when August is in the room; so, he should be safe and welcome–for now!  We’ll see what happens the first time their busy brother levels one of their creations or dismantles a puzzle they just put together.

Given August’s determination, something tells me he’ll handle it!


2 thoughts on “Crossing the Threshold

  1. Oscar beware of August’s determination !!! Talking about catching of a moment- you do such a beautiful job Samantha :).

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