And Then There Were 18

Teeth, that is!

A spirited wrestling match between Oscar and Edgar ended abruptly yesterday during a visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s when Oscar, who wanted to extricate himself from Edgar’s hold (more because he had grown tired of the event and less because everyone over forty years old foresaw danger and was asking them to stop), lost his footing in his slippery socks on the hardwood floor and landed teeth-first into the television console.

With thanks to Thomas Paine, who, despite his common sense, I am sure, gave his mother a moment’s worry or two, these are the times that try a mother’s soul.

When the blood was cleaned away, what remained was a very loose front tooth and a lateral incisor that was pushed out of place–as well as an alternately fascinated and fussy five-year-old boy.

Because of the trauma involved and a fear that there could be tissue damage, I made a call to the dentist.  We went–and as traumas go, this one was clean.  He did recommend pulling the teeth as they would most assuredly pose a nuisance and be the proverbial breeding ground for bacteria.  Not being fans of nuisances or bacteria, we opted for the extractions. 

The result is pretty darned cute.

Not sure what the Tooth Fairy is paying these days, but I think she’ll be ponying up plentifully tonight!


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