Logic Got Him from A to B

“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.”  Albert Einstein

This week, Oscar and I were having one of our now-famous conversations in the car.  The theme was Star Wars, particularly the Star Wars films.  A few weeks ago he had asked me if he could see the films as they are apparently all the rage in Kindergarten.  I thought back to when I saw them, which was, sadly, when they first came out; I was probably about ten years old.  That seemed reasonable, so that was the number I chose: ten. 

Let’s take a peek and give a listen inside the car this week, shall we?

OSCAR:  “Mom, I can’t see the Star Wars movies until I’m ten, right?”

ME:  “That’s right.”

OSCAR:  “Is that because they’re rated PG?”

ME:  “Yes.”

OSCAR: (segueing into his point without my even noticing):  “I’ve seen other PG movies, right? Isn’t Cars PG?  And Madagascar and Shrek?”

ME: (I have nothing.): “Yes.” 

I then try to mumble something about how sophisticated the Star Wars stories are in terms of plot development and narrative structure; but either out of pity or just an overwhelming sense that he knew he had made his point, Oscar remained silent–as if to say, ‘You think on this for a bit and get back to me.’)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Oscar! 

 Logic got you from not having the movie to having it.  May the Force inspire your imagination and take you everywhere you want to go!


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