He Keeps Growing and Growing and Growing

The title of this post is a specific reference to Oscar and is assuredly not a news flash to anyone, but it has given me pause nonetheless. 

As the mother of boys–and boys who, for the most part, care very little about what they wear, I am able to avail myself of the post-Christmas sales and pick up some mighty fine buys.  An added bonus is that boy clothing at this age tends to be fairly predictable–khaki, brown, blue, gray, and black pants and polo or button-down shirts in short or long sleeves.  That’s about it.  Throw in a sweater or two, some socks and underwear, and you’re good to go.  There is no fear that what you buy in January will be out of style by September. 

But each year, when I buy the next size up, after I marvel at what I was able to get for a fairly small amount of money, I take the clothes out of the bags and I stare . . .

And today, as I removed Oscar’s Size 6 pants ($8.99, thank you very much) and size 7/8 shirts (just $3.99), I couldn’t resist taking a picture because I know, one day,  this outfit will seem very small. 

But today, as I think about Oscar wearing these clothes next fall, well . . . all I can do is stare.   To say that children grow fast is an understatement.


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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