Just When You Think You Know Someone

First, a short quiz:

Between Oscar and Edgar, guess which child, when the temperature dips below 70 degrees in the house, asks for a sweatshirt? 

And between Oscar and Edgar, which child seems completely immune to the elements?

When the Blizzard of  ’09 left its mark on Newport, RI, today, Oscar peered out the window and said, not at all uncharacteristically, “I’m not going out there until things calm down.”    Edgar, on the other hand, woke up, skipped down the stairs, announced, “It’s Christmas!” and asked, ” Can I go out and play in the snow?’  He cried when we told him it wasn’t and he couldn’t–at least not until the storm was actually over.

So, can someone please explain to me why when we finally did venture outside, Edgar went in after two minutes, claiming he was too cold and then decided to plop himself on the couch and experience winter vicariously through his Frosty the Snowman DVD whereas Oscar returned to civilization only after we started to fear frostbite? 

Happy to be back in the house

Happy to be out in the snow

They keep it interesting, that’s for sure!

Meanwhile, someone else enjoyed his first snow . . . Next year he’ll be running around in it after his brothers, but for now he is indeed a snow angel!

August's first snow


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