An Open Letter of Thanks

How can you adequately thank someone whose deeds go beyond your expectations, whose actions seem to anticipate your needs, whose thoughts are gentle, kind, and loving at all times and without fail?

How can you begin to express your gratitude to someone who has been a reliable and constant presence in your and your children’s lives?

And how can you thoroughly express to that person–who also happens to have incredible artistic talent and has made a touching painting of each of your children–your appreciation?

You can’t. 

You can only say the words and express them from the bottom of your heart. 

Our lives are richer because of Len DeAngelis. 

Thank you.


One thought on “An Open Letter of Thanks

  1. I blush, “therefore I am.”
    Children are as pleasurable to their parents as they are to others; thanks for sharing them and doing such an exemplary job parenting, another of Life’s roles we don’t accomplish alone, but hope everything contributing to the central diamond enhances its potential beauty.

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