A Seat on Santa’s Lap

The Christmas season has officially begun for the Farias brothers. 

After a windy, drizzly tree-tagging event (that Don had to bring to its logical conclusion on his own as his brood gave into the elements and took shelter in the toasty car), we headed to the mall to see our pal Santa.  There was little hope of getting all three boys in the same photo–a feat I am quickly discovering is generally next to impossible.  But as I look at these three separate shots, I can’t help but see the significance in their each having their own. This is August’s first Christmas–and thus should have his own moment on the lap.  Edgar–sporting Oscar’s Christmas sweater from last year (not even his own)–should be given as many moments in the spotlight as possible lest he give in to the much-maligned Jan Brady middle child complex.  And Oscar at the ripe old age of five may be sitting on Santa’s lap for the last time–until he is an ironic teenager that is.

So, I present Oscar, Edgar, and August with Santa–one at a time and each in his own way.  Happy Holidays!


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