Home for Thanksgiving

Tonight was our first effort at hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  We have joked over our twenty-three years together that all that has ever been required of us is “showing up with our forks”–literally.  Friends and family members have always hosted, and we have been fortunate enough to have been included.

But having children, as the saying goes, changes everything. 

Don and I are endeavoring to create a home that will house  more than just our possessions but the memories of our life together, and hosting holidays here is one path toward that goal.  We want this to be the home our children want to bring their friends to, and, later, return to with their significant others and families.  We want this to be the same anchor Don’s home was for him. 

So, we rolled up our sleeves this Thanksgiving and dove in–and it was beautiful.  Oscar and Edgar, fresh from their studies of the Pilgrims, created the Mayflower in their play room–complete with a sail, “water,” backdrops, and costumes.  We brought in their picnic table from outside, which served as the “kids’ table” and allowed the kids to be kids.  They dressed it with their own tablecloth and ate off special orange plastic plates.  We lounged around in the morning, caught Santa at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and waited eagerly for our friends and family to join us.

Our house smelled like Thanksgiving, and it felt like Thanksgiving.  And that is something we will look forward to for as many years as we are privileged to host.  There will come a day when our children will have their own families and will be ready to pick up the torch, and once again we’ll be able to show up with our forks.  But until that time, we will make it happen here–for them, for us, and for those we love.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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