The Psychics Were (Almost) Right

DISCLAIMER:  I generally do not place an enormous amount of stock in the messages of tarot cards, horoscopes, or psychics.  I see them all for what they are–enormously entertaining, occasionally insightful, and always intriguing. 

That being said, about, oh, six, seven, or eight years ago (who can keep track of time?), on two separate occasions, I had visited two different psychics–purely for entertainment, of course.  The first was in Salem, Massachusetts, the other months later in Newport.

Both psychics told me that it was my fate to have “triplet boys.”

I always carried that little nugget of coincidence in my back pocket, sharing it with a few friends along the way whom I thought would find it interesting.

My three sons–not triplets, but a trio of boys fate brought together to be brothers.




Intriguing?  At the very least.

(A HUGE thank-you to Deanna DiMarzio, who photographed Oscar, Edgar, and August recently at Brenton Point Park.  Her website is


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