A Work in Progress


Events of the last twenty-four hours have driven me to feel compelled to put down in writing my perspective on Oscar’s temperament and personality. 

Though I am his mother, I can regularly lift the veil of maternal affection that creates the essential blindspot parents have toward their children and see where there is room for improvement.   I know he needs to work on–as I suspect most five-year-olds (and, perhaps, most people) do–issues that fall under the umbrella of self-control: his reaction to setbacks, the filtering of his language, his social graces and patience.

But this writing is not about where he needs to improve.  There is so much that is amazing about Oscar, and that is what I want to highlight.   In five years, he has grown into one of my favorite people–and not only because he is my son but because of the young man he is becoming.   I truly and thoroughly enjoy spending time with him and am awe-struck by him regularly.  He is one of the most loving, open, and giving human beings I have ever met.  He is theatrical, musical, creative, and a natural-born storyteller.  He is highly verbal and a riveting conversationalist and has a charismatic wit that belies his young years.  He is alternately sensitive and confident, friendly and pensive.  He has a smile that lights up a room and beams when he knows he has done something well.  He is forgiving and portrays a maturity that is at times shocking.  He is curious and loves to learn and has a memory that can’t be beat. 

And when I look at this package–the person Oscar is and is becoming–I know that he doing just fine and that the lives he has touched and will touch will be richer for his presence.  We are all works in progress; but I think it is important that when we reflect on what needs to improve–in ourselves and in others–that we pause first to remember what is wonderful.


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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