Dinner Theater

Anyone who has ever dined with a four- and a five-year-old, or specifically with Oscar and Edgar, knows that the meal often does resemble a theatrical performance.  There is a set, plenty of props, and plenty of drama.  However, dinner has recently taken on a new theatrical twist–specifically, puppet theater.  And the performance stars August.


Here’s a little snippet of last night’s dinner. 

Act I, scene i

Five-year-old Oscar is seated stage left, happily nibbling on a grilled cheese sandwich.  Seated stage right is four-year-old Edgar, enjoying spaghetti and meatballs–restaurant leftovers from the night before.  Between the two is seated their mother, with three-month-old August on her lap.  August is incredibly interested in what his brothers are eating.

Edgar:  (with a mouthful of dinner) Mommy, make August talk.

Mother: (only the slightest of pauses) What do you want him to say?

Edgar:  I want him to talk about dinner.

Mother: (channeling her inner ventriloquist, giving voice to August’s thoughts):  What are you eating, Edgar?

Edgar:  Spaghetti and meatballs.  Want some, baby August?

Mother whispers in August’s ear, imparting some obviously important information.

August: Our mother says I can’t have them yet because I don’t have teeth.  This makes me mad!  (August, in mock frustration, “bangs” his fists on the table.)

Edgar:  Ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oscar:  How would you like a little of my grilled cheese?  It’s not fair that all you get is a bottle–even though you haven’t grown your incisor and canine teeth. 

August:  I can’t eat that either.  This is VERY frustrating!!

At this point, August burps a most impressive burp.

Oscar:  Ha, ha!  Good job, August!  And don’t worry, August, even if you burp so loud my head explodes, I will still always love you.

Edgar:  That’s disgusting.



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