Q & A with Edgar


Edgar is at an age when an endless flow of questions is to be expected.  He is four, and he is curious about the world we live in.  However, the questions I have had to field this week are, shall we say, worth noting.  And I submit them to you, our readers, for your answers–because, quite frankly, I’m stumped.

Here you go, and I quote:

  • “Do you think M & Ms could walk into our house in the middle of the night?”
  • “Could a stingray ever turn into a bucket?”
  • “Can I make a hat out of ice cream?”
  • “How can I get a talking spoon?”
  • “Would it be an emergency if you woke up in the morning with no bum?”
  • “Do pinecones burp?”
  • “Do you think Barack Obama and Joe Biden sneak around?”
  • “Can I talk to aliens?”
  • “Can a guinea pig turn into an elevator?”
  • “Did George Washington walk on wheels?”

If anyone knows the answers to any of these, I am sure Edgar (and his befuddled yet strangely intrigued mother) would most appreciate it!


4 thoughts on “Q & A with Edgar

  1. We were in full smiles reading this one! We came up with a few answers:
    1) Not if they want to be still walking in the a.m.
    2) maybe, what do you think ?
    3)of course
    4)ask Santa/Grandma
    5)only if you had beans the night before
    6-9) maybe what do you think ?
    Good luck!!

  2. While I can’t answer most of Edgar’s questions I believe there a two which I can.

    The first one is “How can I get a talking spoon?” And the answer his question, he must convince his mother to go to this website and buy it: http://www.dinodirect.com/Fabulous-Talking-Spoon-White-Blue/AFFID-15.html

    And the second question I can answer is “Would it be an emergency if you woke up in the morning with no bum?” The answer to that is yes, it would be a big emergency.

    I hope you all are doing fine, and I love reading about your kids! It makes me want to have kids like yours in the future.

  3. 1) not if they want to walk out in the morning!
    2) only if he forgets to turn his blinker on
    3) only if i can make a crown out of cupcakes.
    4) I don’t know, but I bet the talking fork over there has the answer.
    5) No. But it would definitely be a bummer.
    6) That wouldn’t be very polite. even for a pinecone.
    7) only when no one is looking.
    8) Only if they talk to you first.
    9) Maybe that’s how he knocked out all of his teeth.


  4. 1. Shouldn’t they be in bed?
    2. So that’s where my Stingray went!
    3. Yes and it’s delicious (I recommend cookie dough)
    4. Well first you need to check with that played the fiddle then the cow who jumped over the moon then that walking dish…
    5. Oh, yes it would! How would you sit down???
    6. Do acorns?
    7. Only when they’re playing “hide n’ sneak” with Sasha and Mahlia!
    8. Do you have a flying bike? And a phone to call home?
    9. If it can that would be pretty cool.
    10. I don’t know, did they roller skate in Colonial times?

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