The Overnight Shift


August likes to eat.  And at a mere two months and change, it is not surprising that he likes to eat a couple times during the late-night and wee-morning hours.  What is surprising is that occasionally I am joined by a helper.  It may be a combination of Oscar’s hearing the baby cry coupled with a lighter sleep that has come on the heels of his starting school;  but at least four times in the last several weeks, Oscar has joined me in August’s room to “help” with his late-night feedings.  He squeezes in next to me on the chair, places his head on my left shoulder, and gently strokes his brother’s head.  When it’s time to burp August, Oscar then carefully pats his back–giggling when he finally emits a sound similar to those his big brothers can produce. 

I have seen beauty in this world, but I am going to have to say that these moments rank at the very top.  And though, yes, Oscar should perhaps be in bed.  But perhaps not.  Perhaps he is exactly where he is supposed to be.


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