The Artist Formerly Known as Disgruntled

This week Oscar attended camp at his new school.   As a soon-to-be Kindergartener, transitions abound; and we thought it might be prudent to assist him in this vein by having him attend a week-long day camp at the school, thus giving him the opportunity to acquaint himself with a new buidling, new teachers, and new friends.   Oscar, like his mother and many others, does not thrive on the element of surprise, so we knew that this would be important for him.  We also knew that if there were to be any transitional  “issues,” we would want them to happen during the summer as opposed to once school started.

The theme of the camp was “Under the Sea.”  And despite the potential for spending some quality time studying sharks and stingrays, Oscar took his time acclimating.  Let’s just say that early this week he learned the definitions of the words “pessimistic,” “ornery,” and “cynical.” 

Thursday–the penultimate day, of course–there was a breakthrough, and Oscar declared camp “Awesome!” 

A peek at the week’s artwork (in order from early in the week to later)  reveals his process and growing level of comort–and, all in all, it didn’t take long.  His black crayon on Monday gave way to cheerful colors and soft lines by the end of the week.   And we have a boy who persevered despite some initial apprehensions and concluded that  he is excited to start school. 



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