Whoa, Edgar!

Edgar’s love affair with horses began young, and it was serious from the start.  His best stuffed friends are, of course, Dream Horse and his blushing bride, Wife.  And he is an ardent fan of PBS’s The Saddle Club.  He’s been known to partake happily in a pony ride or two; and when he sees his beloved horses at the zoo, he nuzzles them with his cheek in a way that reveals nothing short of a soul connection.

It seemed obvious that at some point he would need horseback riding lessons; but most inquiries resulted in the same conclusion–not until he’s at least five years old.   At nearly four and a mere 32.2. pounds, it seemed as though pony rides and inanimate horses would have to suffice for at least another year or more.

But then we learned of Ponies to Go (www.poniestogo.com).  Brief half-hour lessons that include riding and grooming the horse complete with all the safety protocols a parent would expect are available for the four-and-up set.  The teacher is amazing, and the horse of choice, Indy, is a champ in every way.  Edgar’s first lesson yesterday included basic commands–“Walk on!” and “Whoa!” and an introduction to the use of the reins.  The teacher also checked for his balance, posture, and hand/eye coordination all the while talking to him about what he was doing. 

I’ll leave it the photos below to tell the rest of the tale.




We’ll be back next week!


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