Brain Food

We do try our best to purchase and feed our children food that is good for their bodies (Cheez-Its and fruit snacks notwithstanding).  So on a trip to food heaven (also known as Whole Foods), we picked up a bag of these snacks.


Look at them!  The word “soy” is in their name!  They are low fat! They’re organic!  And they don’t have gluten (which, I’m sure if I knew what it was, I would say is very, very bad).  In short, they seemed to be a reasonable purchase for our snacking boys.

So, yesterday when Edgar, who will try anything once and likes nearly everything he eats, asked for a snack, I thought, “Time to grab those Soy Crisps.  He’ll love them.”  I opened the bag, and what did I see? 


Oh, yes . . . You saw right.  And, yes, they look exactly like what you think they look like.

So, I thought, well, if Edgar notices what I’ve given him (and I surmised that this would be a very big if), it’s not very likely he’ll make the connection to a human brain.  I mean, the boys have a medical kit with a model, but it was my understanding he just saw that as a puzzle to put together and/or a projectile to throw at his brother. 

I was wrong.

“Here, Edgar, a snack for you,” said the mother as she held her breath.

“Thank you, Mommy.  Oh, look . . . a little cup of brains!”

Chomp!  Chomp!

Happy Eating!


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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