Introducing Clare

It is with very the very generous permission of Clare’s mother that I introduce you to this beautiful girl.  She is Edgar’s full biological sibling who was adopted by a wonderful family who lives less than an hour away from us.   At six years old, she is becoming quite the young lady–in love with nature and eager to explore. 

Our children’s adoption stories are filled with details and opportunities as unique as they are.  We are grateful for the time we are able to spend with Clare and her family and know that these visits will be a very important part of Edgar’s journey. 





5 thoughts on “Introducing Clare

  1. Samantha how wonderful to join these two together. I got chocked up reading this. You are such a lovley person:) I hope they had a wonderful day together. Do they know they are siblings? I went by your home the other day, we were out driving around and I said “Hey lets go by Samantha’s” since I had not a clue. Hope we can get together soon. Are schedules have been a little crazy. Have a great Sunday.

  2. I got teary-eyed as well. These photos are exquisite and a testament to the phenomenal, selfless mother you are! xoxoxo

  3. Hi Samantha!
    I learned about your blog through the Adoptive Families magazine! I am excited to read more about your story, your life!
    My husband and I are waiting to adopt our first child! The journey has been a debilitating roller coaster!
    The story you shared in the article “hurt” my heart deeply. We are petrified of that happening… but, are indeed aware that it is a given risk when pursuing adoption.
    If you would like to read my blog, please email me and I will invite you!
    Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart!
    Julie G

  4. OMG…to see the two of them together…they are both loved and so content…later in life they will look back at these times spent together and respect what a wonderful job their parents did…this is really amazing to see everyone on the same page for the well being of the children…children first…they can never get these moments back…hats off to everyone involved….

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