Serving Suggestion

Edgar is an eager sous chef and loves to accompany me into the kitchen to help prepare whatever inspired culinary creation is on the menu.  The other night he looked at the photo on the front of the pasta box and asked if that was indeed what we were having. 


As the photo depicted above clearly includes something that looks like fresh herbs and fresh vegetables, I explained to Edgar that, in fact, no, this would not be our version of dinner–that this was a mere “serving suggestion” that the makers of the pasta put on the front of the box, that it was supposed to get the creative juices of the cook well, cooking.  I let him know that we would be enjoying Barilla’s fabulous marinara sauce, the preparation of which  is perfectly matched to my unfortunate skill level.

He seemed happy enough with that.

About ten minutes into dinner, Edgar decided to unveil his own “serving suggestion” of Barilla’s Mezzi Rigatoni. 


Now that is the image that should be on the front of the box!


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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