In the Eye of the Beholder



I realize unequivocally that as Oscar and Edgar’s mother I am far from capable of being objective in my evaluation of them.   I try to be entirely reasonable in terms of my expectations–for their behavior, for their learning; but anything else?  Well, I don’t think it’s even possible.  And recently I have been looking at them and noticing just how handsome they are.  Make no mistake–I have always been, from the moment of first sight, in awe of their beauty–both inside and out–and I have always felt, as every parent does, that they are the most beautiful children to have ever graced the planet.  And as an adoptive mother, whenever someone compliments the boys on their looks, I always smile and accept it (better than I do most compliments) because I feel their looks are their own–not a combination of Don’s and mine–and that I would be revealing no ego on my part by simply saying, “Thank you very much.”   

Soon to be four and five years old, their looks are becoming their own.  And spending all day every day with them during these blissful days of summer vacation, I feel I am able to catch and capture an occasional glimpse of the young men they will become.  And sometimes I look at them and shake my head and think, “Wow.” 

My friend who taught middle school once told me that the girls start calling the boys somewhere around fifth grade. 

 Starting in 2014, the phone will officially be off the hook.


One thought on “In the Eye of the Beholder

  1. There will never be a girl good enough for my little boy. Did I just say that! WOW! I can’t help I want him to be my little boy forever. I love reading your blog Samantha:)

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