Movin’ on Out

IMG_1473To fully appreciate the depth of my despair, you must first understand that Edgar and I have one of those “mother/son” relationships that strikes fear in the hearts of women everywhere.   It’s symbiotic, all-encompassing.  He thinks I’m beautiful (glasses may be imminent), and I find him and even some of his less-than-savory antics infinitely and consistently charming.  He tells me he’ll live with me forever, and I can forgive almost anything with one look into those baby blue eyes.

I exaggerate, of course–but only a little.

So, yesterday after Edgar found the sunblock (a brand-new $15 bottle) and decided to coat himself in half of it at 4:30 in the afternoon, I let him know that his behavior was not appropriate.

And he let me know that my reprimand made him “sad” and that he was MOVING OUT!

He went to the spot where we keep his shoes and took every pair out–intent on walking to his new home (his former daycare provider).  I watched in mock horror and disappointment, letting him know how much we would miss him and what he would miss if he decided to follow through with his plan. 

Of course, he didn’t wind up going as he doesn’t know how to open the front door.  But this moment gave me pause nonetheless.   There will come a day when the infraction will be a whole lot more serious than an overzealous application of sunblock, and there will come a day when he will not only know how to open the front door but probably have the keys to his own car.  Limits will continue to be set–despite those stunning eyes and charming demeanor.  And protests will likely be the norm.   Yet it is my hope that through it all Edgar will learn that we don’t run away from our problems–literally or figuratively–and that though none of us likes limits that they are quite often necessary.  But in the meantime, maybe I’ll hide his shoes!


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