A Match Made in Preschool

For the last year we have done little else but sing the praises of Oscar’s preschool–and every one of them and more was well-deserved.  So, our disappointment was understandably palpable when situations presented themselves that rendered Edgar’s going there in September impossible.   And though in our child-rearing we subscribe to the pedagogical philsophy that not all children should necessarily have the same thing but rather get what they need, it was still somewhat wistful to have to go out and find something else. 

But find something else we did.

This week we received the handbook for Edgar’s new preschool, parts of which are excerpted below:

“Spending time outdoors is one of our top priorities  . . . Children need exercise.  They need to use the whole body to explore all possibilities.  Climbing, balancing, running, being loud, and experiencing the weather are not things they can do inside.”


“Lots of time is allowed in the daily schedule for imaginative, dramatic play in order to promote language, social skills, and creative thinking.”


“Children delight in helping with ‘grown up’ tasks such as sweeping or baking the bread for snack.  They gain a strong sense of purpose and self-confidence from being able to help.”


“Each day . . . we . . . sing good morning to the birds and bees, the flowers and the stones to create a feeling of love and appreciation.  Each child begins to form a relationship with the world of nature.”


It appears as though we may have found Edgar’s preschool home!


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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