Do We Have Any Homework? Please Say We Do!


Oscar’s graduation from preschool brought to him much adulation and pride as well as anticipation in terms of what happens next.   And what happens next is Kindergarten.  And never has one been more ready.   A spalshy plaid pencil box complete with a lock and key coupled with his summer homework packet has whet Oscar’s appetite for school in no uncertain terms.  Regarding the pencil box, a gift from Auntie Janice, he delcared it “the best gift I’ve ever received.”  And the summer homework packet, sent to us  in a coincidentally complementary orange folder–well, let’s just say he’s mentally rearranging the furniture in his room so that we can bring up a desk.

Sitting at the table on Father’s Day, Oscar said to his grandparents, “You should come to my new school and check it out.”  His grandmother asked why.  Oscar’s reply?  “Because it’s cool.”

May he always have such pride in his school and in his work.  It can only lead to good things!


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