Use Your Imagination


I returned home from work this week and was greeted by the tableau pictured here.  It includes an airplane, a car, a tiger shark, and Santa Claus.  And while I certainly could fling together a random collection of items and set them up in such a way, there is absolutely nothing random about what you see.  This represents Oscar’s play–his imagination at work, the evidence of a morning filled with original stories that feature a motley collection of characters and modes of transportation.  And I find myself sighing–wondering what the story might have been, not having been there to witness it, and contemplating when, why, and to what extent my own whimsical imagination dissipated.  I envy children’s minds, their ability to find a story in a cardboard box.  And I think sometimes that I should take a break from the daily grind that occasionally consumes and rediscover my own imagination.  It’s in there . . . and if anyone can coax it out, it is definitely Oscar and Edgar–with a little help from a shark and Santa, of course.


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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