Dog Day Afternoon


Oscar and Edgar participated on Sunday afternoon in the Potter League’s Heart and Sole Walk for the Animals, which raised approximately $77,000 for animal care.  The boys themselves (with a little help from those of us who know how and are allowed to turn on the computer) helped to raise $500 of that sum.

The event, while sunny, enjoyable, and downright goofy was also the boys’ first introduction to philanthropy.  We had many discussions about what is meant by the word “charity,” about the meaning of money, and about looking beyond yourself to help others.  That plus we got to hang out with a couple hundred dogs and some faboulous folks on one of the prettiest days in June . . . Not a bad way to pass the time!

Our friends even let us “borrow” their beloved Max so both Oscar and Edgar would have a dog to walk. 

At the end of the walk, we met up with the coordinator of volunteers, who congratulated the boys on their efforts, who in turn broke into spontaneous applause for themselves.  She said they deserved it.  I think the animals–not to mention their parents–would have to agree!


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