Just Give In


Is it ever appropriate to compromise your principles?  Well, the correct answer to that is probably, “No, not really.”  However, if compromising them means less screaming and more peace in your life, then perhaps it’s worth considering. 

Faithful readers of this blog and those who have ever been in the salon when the boys have come in for haircuts will recall that Oscar didn’t–how shall I put this delicately?–handle his haircut as well as we wished he might.  In other words, he screamed, cried, wiggled in the chair, and changed the tranquil atmosphere (and the blood pressure of the stylist and clients) in a record few seconds.

So then, at Oscar’s request, I cut his hair.  I’d like to try to forget that, if I may.

As a new parent, I always thought the boys should be able to handle “nicer” restaurants–mostly so we wouldn’t be relegated to fast food.  But once we unstrapped them from their carseats and later their highchairs, we saw that there is indeed a reason parents don’t bring young kids to establishments with glass, cloth tablecloths, or people who are paying a lot of money for a relaxing dinner out.  And as a new parent, I also thought that they should be able to get their hair cut at my hairdresser’s.  Why not?  A salon is a salon. 

But yet it’s not.

Where we go now has lots of bright colors, stylists who give high-fives, and (gulp!) a television at every station.  When the haircut has concluded, the little client gets a piece of his hair, puts it in a machine, and the strands magically turn into bubbles!  Oh, and they get a lollipop, too.

And what we get are TWO boys who handle their haircuts–one very well, as he always does, and the other not without a bit of consternation but definitely without tears and agitation.  And should there be an outburst, there is no one in the salon who is going to be disturbed or disgruntled. 

So, we eat at family-friendly restaurants  (and like it) and we take the boys to a kids’ salon for their haircuts–and now understand there is a reason these places exist.  

See you at Applebee’s and Snip-Its–at least for the foreseeable future–and, oh, probably Toys ‘R’ Us, too, to fulfill the post-haircut bribes. . . When you give in, you really give in!



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