Orange Crush

Oh, how I wish I could include her photo here . . . but social graces–and possibly the law–dictate that posting a photo of someone else’s child–someone you barely know–would not be appropriate.  So, let me describe her . . . Her name is Ginny.  She is four.  She has gorgeous red hair that she often wears in two ponytails, and a shy smile.  She is simply adorable.  And I am fairly certain Oscar is in the throes of his first crush.

When purusing his school’s website, checking out the latest photos of events, Oscar will often sit on my lap and tell me “who’s who.”  He knows everyone by name and has a story for most.

When we got to Ginny’s photo yesterday, I said, “Oh, she’s cute.  Who’s this?”

He said, “UGH!”  then proceeded to jump off my lap, run into the other room, and hide behind a chair.

I said, “Come back here.  What’s wrong?  I just asked you her name.”

He growled as if this were a personal affront and more than he should have to bear, then ran off again.

The little girl mercifully had  “G” embroidered on her shirt.  So after a little Sherlock Holmes action with the class roster, I came to the conclusion that she was Virginia, or “G” for Ginny.

Five minutes later Oscar took out his elephants.  One was named Oscar Farias.  And the other? 

Ginny Farias.

Stay tuned . . .


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