A Knight in Shining Armor

A thousand times I have said it, and a thousand times more I will, the preschool that Oscar has had the privilege to attend this year has been and continues to be beyond my expectations.  It is other-worldly, magical–it’s what every child deserves.

And over the last few weeks it has been in turmoil–in crisis, really.  The founder and director has been told by the church leadership that her services are no longer needed.  She was fired.  And the parents were informed via email (a follow-up letter came days later, but, yes, the initial communication was via email). 

I have not been on this blog because my writing juices (whatever may be left of them) have been working overtime to communicate to the individuals responsible for this decision that their message and its delivery left much to be desired.  Forty-five additional parent signatures adorn this letter, and three times that number of emails have been penned. 

DSC07058This week at school Oscar and his classmates, as part of Medieval May, were knighted.   And given what happened this week at this school, they could use a few more brave, chivalrous, kind knights.   Oscar said that as a knight his job was to help others.  Indeed it is.


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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