Do We Shock and Offend?



As a parent in the throes of raising young children in a home geared toward young children, I am admittedly immune to the vagaries that attract the attention of those who either do not yet have children or have already raised their children (and have blissfully repressed the messier and louder aspects of child-rearing). 

When visitors arrive, the exuberance is often so great that every toy that can come out does.  The seats may have crumbs and/or residue that have not yet fallen victim to the daily vacuuming and cleaning that is not just a nicety but a necessity.  And the noise level and activity level are usually at such a point that mere witnessing can induce exhaustion in those not used to the rhythms. 

Prior to Oscar and Edgar, the vibrations in our home were much more subdued–it was quiet.  Afternoon naps were the norm.  Silence for uninterrupted reading or relaxing was prevalent.  And we could get away with a whole lot less heavy-duty cleaning. 

So when I host people in our home who are currently enjoying a similar living situation, I am always  a little fearful that our smells, noises, and energy overwhelm.   And while much of the time we are not always quite so “on,” company always  inspires excitement! 

Having had the quiet home, and knowing that it will all-too-soon be back again, I am relishing the volume, the stickiness, the energy.  I don’t miss the quiet of days gone by because I am acutely aware of how fast these years of raising young children go by.   And we are grateful that even though we may occasionally “shock and offend” with what is a typical day with a three- and a four-year-old that we have family and friends who keep coming back anyway–people who, too, must sense that these days are fleeting and that before we know it Oscar and Edgar will be young adults–actively seeking their own peace and quiet. 

Hopefully the grownups will have calmed down after a decade of nonstop silliness and fun!


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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