If You Walk Away, I Will Follow

Oscar, at almost five, is long past textbook “separation anxiety.”  He knows I go to work, and I come home.  He knows that if I go out for the evening, I always return.  He even tells me to “have a good time” when I  head out to the movies or dinner. 

But if I go upstairs to get some laundry, or step onto the porch to water a plant, or head to the bathroom, he immediately–as if affected by radar–stops whatever he is doing and is on my tail.

Sometimes this is fine, and other times it’s not.   But ninety-nine times out of a hundred it is completely unnecessary–because I am no more than 100 feet or 30 seconds from him.

So today as I was heading upstairs to gather a load of laundry from the hamper–a riveting task, I must assure you, and Oscar was traipsing after me up the stairs, I turned and asked him wearily, “Why are you following me?”


He smiled a boyish smile and said, “Becuase you’re adorable and I love you and I will follow you forever.” 

Permission granted.


2 thoughts on “If You Walk Away, I Will Follow

  1. Oh My, what a sweetheart. I can just hear those words coming from this wonderful, caring, young man. Oscar and Edgar are so lucky to have the parents they have.

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