Let’s Have a Hand . . . And a Napkin

One of the benefits of celebrating your Adoption Day in our house is cupcakes!  And an added bonus is the opportunity to frost your own!  And when you’re Edgar, it is an opportunity unparalleled.  However, as his always hopeful mother, I had to ask the question after the requisite mess was made, hoping that logic would prevail and Edgar would see that there was, in fact, a benefit to frosting cupcakes somewhat neatly and orderly.

Me:  “Edgar, look at your hands.”

Edgar looks at his hands, which are covered in frosting.

Me:  “Now, look at my hands.”

Edgar looks at my hands, which are remarkably clean for six o’clock in the evening.

Me:  “Okay . . . Now, what is the difference between your hands and my hands?”

Edgar:  “My hands are fun, and yours are not.”


Who says logic and fun should be mutually exclusive?  As always, well done, Edgar!


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