As Official as They Come



The wonderfully kind and patient Joyce hosted our crew this afternoon and explained to us the procedures for volunteers at The Potter League for Animals.  We all got name tags (and Don’s was still there after all these years!) and learned many important lessons:

1.  How to sign in and out–and why we do it

2.  How to play with the cats–respectfully

3.  How many treats the dogs can have–and why the puppies can’t have any

4.  How to know which dogs are good for kids to walk

5.  That the toilet in the dog area, which is not supposed to be for humans, can work in a pinch

6.  That Oscar really likes walking around with a key

Oscar and Edgar are official . . . and they couldn’t be more excited!  Thanks, Joyce!

An update:  So far the boys have raised $295 toward their $500 goal for the June 7th Walk for the Animals.  Thank you to everyone!  They are beyond proud!


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