Love Your Mother

In celebration of Earth Day yesterday, I introduced Oscar and Edgar to one of my favorite pasttimes–picking up litter!  Long ago, before children, when Don and I were walking only with dogs, I would often take along a bag and a pair of gloves.  It slowed down our walks considerably, but it made me happy to make a small difference in this way.  I must admit that seeing litter affects me deeply–let the analysts think what they may–and I wish I had the ability to remove it all. 

Once the boys came along, I would occasionally tie a bag to the handle of the stroller and commence my cleanup.  It had to end, though, when one early evening I picked up a pizza box that was infested with what I can only surmise were maggots.   I  made a good parenting decision not to consciously  put maggots in such close proximity to my children.   I think it was the right decision.

But yesterday we went out–in the rain no less–Oscar and Edgar each carrying a bag.  Oscar said he loved picking up litter–that “it’s like Halloween, except we’re picking up junk”! 


Though we started this on Earth Day, it’s something we’ll continue.   They say if everyone picked up one piece of litter every day that there would be no litter.  And though I do not know who “they” may be, I love the sentiment. 


See you on the street!


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