Happy Birthday, Don!


On Tuesday, 31 March 2009, Don celebrated his birthday.  We won’t say which one; and, in fact, it’s entirely possible that at our age we don’t even remember.  But a birthday is a birthday, and celebrate we did! 

Birthdays past used to to be slightly bigger affairs–complete with slightly bigger cakes and much bigger gifts.  Maybe it’s the economy or shifting priorities or the fact that when we look around we see everything we could ever want or need, but for the last year we have worked to scale back our celebrations and our gift-giving to each other.   And, actually, it hasn’t been much work at all.  The focus has shifted from trying to procure the gift that will knock us off our feet to finding the gift that will keep us on our feet and connected to each other.

That, the gathering of a few friends and family members, and a homemade cake is the recipe for a perfect birthday–for those of us over four feet tall and forty years, for those of us who are knocked off our feet daily by the experience of being parents to Oscar and Edgar.

Happy Birthday, Don!


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