Do I Have a Volunteer?

For many years–prior to 2004–Don volunteered every weekend at our local animal shelter.  His job was to take flattering photos of the cats–whether they were hissing or not–and the dogs, who were, let’s just say, rather exuberant when they were sprung from their pens and got outside for their closeups.  These photos were then published in our local paper and on the shelter’s website to promote and encourage adoption. 

Then something happened in 2004 . . . what was it?  Hmmmm . . . Oh, yes, Oscar was born.  Fortunately, around the same time, another volunteer–with a digital camera–emerged and was able to fill in.  We always knew we’d get back there–with our children–and today was that day.

The shelter has undergone a vast transformation–a “green” facility that is a comfortable and calming place for its animal residents, caretakers, and the public.  Oscar and Edgar volunteered today in one of the cat rooms (there are no cages).  Oscar played with a friendly, feisty cat who responded to him as if she had been waiting for him all day, and who was dubbed by Oscar as “very, very funny.” 


Edgar and a long-haired black cat who wanted nothing more than hugs, hugs, and more hugs got along about as well as any human and feline ever did. 


The kind woman who unlocked the cats’ door asked me prior to our entering if I thought the boys would be gentle with the cats.  It’s funny . . . I forget that sometimes kids aren’t.  I don’t know to what to attribute it–perhaps it’s their nature, perhaps having grown up with pets–but Oscar and Edgar couldn’t be kinder or more gentle with animals. 

Oscar asked if we could voluteer there every day.  I countered with, “How about once a week–every Saturday?”  He agreed, and both he and Edgar can’t wait to go back!  Volunteerism is something that has always been part of our adult lives, and we are as thrilled about this beginning as Oscar and Edgar clearly are.


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